Fast Growth Programme

The fast growth programme is suitable for companies who feel that their growth has faltered and would like to take action. The programme focuses on developing a growth market strategy and identifying the resources required implement that strategy.

The market strategy involves:

• Assessing  the “problem”  the company seeking to solve

• Evaluating the competitive advantage of the company and the key value proposition

• Analysing the market  and in particular identifying  principal target sub sectors that are low hanging fruit.

• Defining the pricing level and revenue model to maximise market penetration.

• Research and develop a coherent sales strategy.

• Developing an operational plan.

The resource analysis combines an assessment of funding and suitable options  with an evaluation of the human resource requirement.  This involves:

• Psychometric testing of existing management and staff.

• Review of  individuals previous experience.

• Definition of additional skills required.

• Coaching of key individuals to strengthen management.

• Introduction to individuals who can fill any ”holes”.

• Developing an operational plan.

• Developing an operational plan.

IF If you think your company might benefit from the Fast Growth Programme, get in touch for an informal conversation.