Management Buyout

Are you looking to buyout your company?  We can help build up your team, develop your business plan, identify funding sources, and negotiate funding.

In our experience it is essential that any MBO is let by an exit-orientated CEO and a forward thinking management team.

“It’s all about the team” is a much over-used phrase, which happens to be true – a good management team can make a mediocre business great.

But the key player is the CEO as he is the individual around whom the “team” coalesce. The qualities required by CEO pre and post exit whether through a PEH, an MBO or acquisition are very different to that required to be a senior manager.  Being a good manager is not enough.

At Catalyst Talent we work hard to find people with the necessary strong and decisive leadership as well as the ‘fit’ or ‘chemistry’ with the rest of the team. This is what we believe makes all the difference.

If you would like to discuss your case with us in confidence please get in contact.

Case Study

The company is an established software integration and services company a profitable history of selling sophisticated business intelligence solutions. The core business was built around a highly skilled Professional Services capability and excellent Support and Maintenance Services delivery, which gave the Company has a strong reputation in its market.

However, the founders had realised that their other interests held more appeal for them than taking the business to the next level. Effectively the love affair is over.  Like all love affairs when they die you want out as soon as possible, which is exactly what the two founders wanted.

Catalyst Talent was able to identify and recruit a new CEO together with two other executives to complete the management team. The CEO not only had an outstanding track record but also the necessary funding to complete the deal.