Search Process

CT Ltd’s professional activities are based on identifying, qualifying and then recruiting the best candidates who can satisfy the key criteria for every position.  The key steps in the progress of the assignment are as follows:

•  Development of a comprehensive understanding of the assignment brief covering the firm’s culture, the reason for the recruitment, the job specification and the person specification;

•  Identification of top performing candidates through our in-house research team.

•  Candidates are personally interviewed by Ian McAnearney at a mutually convenient time and location. Each candidate is reference audited prior to being presented to the client.

•  The results of these interviews are discussed with the client and a report prepared on each candidate selected for further interview. The report includes overall impression, linking narrative to explain the development of the candidate’s CV, reference audit and any points for further discussion;

• CT Ltd acts as “go-between”, feeding back impressions from the final interviews, and may also become involved in remuneration discussions if required.

•  Reference audit on the final candidate(s) is taken up by CT, if required.

•  CT Ltd manages candidates through the resignation process.

Normally a typical assignment length is 20 working days at this point you will have seen qualified candidates and will be in a position to make a verbal offer.

The time from references to appointment will be subject to agreement between the client and the candidate. CT Ltd has its own in-house researchers who identify and initially qualify the candidates against the agreed profile.