Our Approach

CT Ltd is able to undertake pure research led assignments, we also have the facility to combine a targeted search approach with an internet advertising campaign. Combining these methodologies enable us to access a wider available talent pool.

However, where an assignment is confidential where someone is currently in post then we would not recommend internet advertising. Also where there is a clearly defined target market then advertising would not add much value. However, this would be an area for discussion at any briefing meeting to discuss the assignment.

We work closely with clients to refine the conduct of any assignment and our understanding of what you are looking for in terms of skills, attitude and personality. This understanding is reflected back to you in an Assignment Brief that forms the basis for any interview we conduct with potential candidates. A Research Target List detailing the organisations where this individual could be found accompanies this. These two documents are agreed with you before commencing any assignment.

It is our responsibility to only recruit well-qualified candidates who have the requisite background (education, experience, skills) to satisfy the responsibilities of this position, as defined by the Assignment Brief.